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Art gallery of Agostino Veroni

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Art, nature and History in Tuscany

   In an independent part of its structure, Villa Minghetti welcomes the Contemporary Art Gallery of the painter Agostino Veroni Livorno. Inside you can admire and buy the works of the color”.

<<…To paint is to tell what I feel, what strikes me.

Nature is the protagonist of my paintings,

I love to paint “live so I can grasp the essence,

the emotion of the colors that overlap and fuse one in the other…>>

     The  work of Agostino Veroni begins in that way, he explains it himself. It  is originated by the color, the contrast between light and shadow, the strokes that alternate in a never ending evolution, from the need to  grasp the present moment, the pure emotion, the true reality, the living  reality.

Agostino Veroni was born in Livorno , as a child he shows interest in drawing and colors . At sixteen, by chance, during a dinner at the home of his paternal grandfather he meets the painting master Ferruccio Mataresi . The meeting marks the first decisive step in his career. He begins shortly thereafter,and infact, continues for years to studywith Mataresi with whom he studied classical design. Veroni though does not stop at design itself ;he discovers  more and more importance inhis desire for color, and the physical medium on the canvas. The master Giulio da Vicchio encourages him to follow his instincts as a colourist . With the Maestro Masaniello Luschi he explores this concept starting to paint from real life; he researches the coastal areas , the streets of Livorno, the surrounding countryside . After this comes the turning point; Veroni combines first mentally, then on the canvas , the design , the color caught en plein air.

     << … I love painting en plein air to capture

the full value of the impact of natural light on the landscape. >>

<<…Often daily life pushes us away from the simplicity of things,

especially from those “real” ones, everyone is taken by his own passions,

displeasures and specially by his own needs. I would like people to stop

for a moment to savor life, to be happy simply about the fact of  “being”,

of having eyes to see the beauty of the sky, senses to enjoy the warmth of the sun…

the lightness to be enraptured by this infinite sea. I would like once to do something

truly beautiful, that I can leave as legacy to everyone and specially to those who have

and don’t know  they do… Color and its use are the ways to reach all this.>>

 The drawing takes a secondary place behind the chromatic sense given by the combination of colors and the bold energetic brushstroke.  In certain paintings it is possible to see an evolution towards the abstract specially in some sea storms where the drawn figure is absorbed by the  contrast of colors and the combination of light and shades that favor the pathos. Whatever might be its subject, the painting of Veroni is in like that: True, sincere, intended to grasp the essence of the nature that surrounds him and excites him.

<< …A painting is successful when it manages to convey “something”

to provoke careful study , attention, reflection … >>.


Agostino Veroni, for over twenty years is active on the painting scene of Livorno, his works are in public and private collections, in Italy and abroad. He has been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions.

Over the past three years he has shown:

  • Dec 6  2014 to 4 Jan 2015 at the Galleria l’Aquilegia,Sarzana
  • Dec 6  2014 to 06 Jan 2015 at the Galleria Chiellini, Livorno
  • Sep13  -05 Oct 2014 Group Exhibition with  Gruppo Labronico at the Palazzo Rospigliosi , Zagarolo, Roma
  • Aug 01-31 2014  Solo Exhibition “Sardegna ” at the Cantine Surrau in Porto Cervo, Costa Smeralda,Sardinia
  • Jun 01 Giugno – 31 Aug 2014 Exhibition  at the Galleria Aquilegia, Sarzana
  • Feb 03-28 2014 Tuscan Art Tour Chicago end Naples (Florida)
  • Dec 6  2014 to 4 Jan 2014 at the  Galleria l’Aquilegia,Sarzana
  • Dec 6  2013 to 06 Jan 2014 at the Galleria Chiellini, Livorno
  • Sep 21-18 Oct 2013 Grop Exhibition with Gruppo Labronico at the Granai di Villa Mimbelli, Livorno
  • Jul 01 –  Aug 31 2013  Group Exhibition at the Marguttiana, Forte dei Marmi
  • May 4 and 5 Maggio 2013 Group Exhibition at the Arte sui Navigli, Milano
  • Feb 18-25 Febbraio 2013 Tuscan Art Tour Chicago
  • Sep 15-29 2012 Group Exhibition with Group Labronico at the Palazzo Mediceo di Seravezza
  • Aug 25 Agosto – 9 Sept  2012 Solo Exhibition at the Scuderie Medicee Castello di Seravezza
  • Jul 01 –  Sept 15 2012  Group Exhibition at the Marguttiana, Forte dei Marmi
  • Mar 15 -18 2012  at “The Affortable Art Fair “, London
  • Oct 2011 Group Exhibition at Hotel Explanade, Viareggio
  • Jun 15- Aug 31 2011 Group Exhibition at the Galleria Mazzoleni, Fort Village, Sardinia
  • Nov 2010 Group Exhibition at the Galleria Mazzoleni, Alzano Lombardo, Bergamo